The Adventure Cowboy


The Adventure Cowboy, Clayton Marxer with his bride, Cody. First hunt of 2023

Growing up as a cowboy kid on a 325,000-acre cattle ranch in southwest Montana, I loved riding with Dad (the ranch cow foreman) and the cowboy crew, as well as with my mom and my two little sisters. We explored mountains and caves, camped out under the stars, raced antelope, and found arrowheads, buffalo skulls, and teepee rings. I never thought about adventure–I just took for granted the freedom of living western in a playground the size of Teton National Park. Mom swears I was born with a gun in my hand, and I’ve had everything from the old metal cap guns to ping-pong ball guns, and my dad’s old Red Ryder BB gun.

I’m an authentic cowboy who rides, ropes cattle, can pull a breeched calf, build a tight fence, and shovel manure. I’ve been bucked off more times than I care to admit, fallen into prickly pear cactus, and roped a bear. When I was old enough to get a hunting license, I caught Hunting Fever and have never recovered.

Traditional Western firearms are my favorites and I love sharing how they are an inextricable part of American history. My passion for collecting those firearms has led to involvement in the film industry where I’ve performed as an actor, wrangler, and stuntman in a few western film projects and TV shows.

Faith, family, and friends are more important than anything to me. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife Cody, and three wonderful children–two teenagers and a three-year-old. I’m also passionate about the conservation of natural resources and the cultural values of the American West and rural USA.

The heritage of the American West is embodied in today’s exciting adventure opportunities. Now. Picture yourself planning your own thrilling escapade whether hunting, target-shooting, fishing, rafting, hiking, camping, riding, driving, or anything that living western means to you.

The Mission of The Adventure Cowboy is to inspire you to break free from the routine and live your dream. Discover for yourself, the thrill of Living Western.

Clayton Marxer and Butch, his dog, at cow camp. © Susan Marxer

You only regret
the adventure you didn’t take.

ADVENTURE! Because, no matter what you do as a sportsman, the real memories that we treasure come from the journey and not from the trophy or the destination.

The Adventure Cowboy

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