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If you’re lucky enough to be outdoors,
you’re lucky enough.

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A total overhaul of the old TAC website. Besides videos, our blog will feature reviews, guest bloggers, and photos.

Coming soon. Adventure Cowboy branded apparel, Western canvas prints, and more. Cowboy in a Corporate World by Ray Marxer available below.

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Living Western Podcast Featuring guests with diverse Western experiences and passion for America’s Western Heritage. Be inspired to live your dream.

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Recent Project

VERY Close Call! | Wrong Ammo & Jacket Squib

My mom’s revolver malfunctioned during a handgun training class and it could have ended with disastrous consequences!

The malfunction was a squib, which means a bullet gets stuck in the barrel, but this squib was different in that the core of the bullet actually shot out of the barrel, but the now-hollow copper bullet jacket remained lodged in the barrel. If the cylinder had not gotten locked up, the next shot would have likely caused the gun to explode with over 35,000 psi in her hands and face!

Ultimately, we discovered that the cause of the malfunction was due to my mom accidentally using the wrong “38” ammo in her 38 Special revolver, which happens more often to folks than you might think.
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A story and an author I heartily recommend. Read it and you’ll see why. “Cowboy in a Corporate World: 37 Years of Life & Lessons on Koch Industries Beaverhead Ranch” by Ray Marxer.

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You Only Regret The Adventure you Never Take

I’m Clayton Marxer, The Adventure Cowboy. My mission is to inspire adventure seekers to break free from the routine and live their dream.