About TAC

They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31

MT The American West

is more than just a spot on a globe. It is our heritage, and at its core, it is still wild and untamed. Come share my adventures in it!


My name is Clayton Marxer, A.K.A. “The Adventure Cowboy”
….ADVENTURE! Because, no matter what you do as a sportsman, the real memories that we treasure come from the JOURNEY and not from the trophy or the destination…


I grew up in southwest Montana on a 325,000 acre cattle ranch. I was literally riding horses before I could walk and loved every second of my time out in the mountains. I am an authentic cowboy who can ride colts, rope cattle, pull a breeched calf, build fence…and shovel manure.

My passion since I was a little boy has been the outdoors, especially guns and hunting. I have been hunting since I was old enough to buy a tag and fishing since I was 3. I love anything to do with adventure in the outdoors. I am a firearms enthusiast and love shooting. I especially have a passion for instructing young people and introducing them to shooting/hunting and our western way of life.

I guided hunters for around 10 years and I loved it. I can only do a couple hunts per year for myself, so being a guide allowed me to hunt every day of the season….and get paid for it! Life has a way of changing things. I’ve been working in Natural Resources for a few years, and, while the pay is more dependable, and I’m still out and about quite a bit, I miss guiding hunters and the friendships we developed. That doesn’t stop me from taking advantage of Hunting Season though, and it actually allows me to put more time into my videos. I love shooting, and reviewing firearms is a fun passion.

While still guiding I started to pack a video camera around so I could capture some of those precious moments out in the wild and share them with my family. As it turns out, lots of people have started watching my stuff and asking for more. So, here I am, embarking on a new adventure….an adventure in sharing my life with the world.

God has blessed me beyond measure and I am so thankful for this life and the salvation he has given me. The Adventure Cowboy is about just that….ADVENTURE! Because, no matter what you do as a sportsman, the real memories that we treasure come from the JOURNEY and not from the trophy or the destination, and every real journey is an adventure!

I like to combine our western heritage with today’s opportunities for outdoor adventure.


Fun First Film Project

“The Big Muddy”

The Adventure Cowboy was excited to participate in this short film, along with favorite horse – Al. Watch chapter 1, “Sins of the Past”, written, directed, and produced by Montana film student, Chris Hoffert — The Big Muddy Series: Part I ‘Sins of the Past’ (Pilot) 19:45




Yee-Haw! Adventure Cowboy goes for Bronc Ride

I have this young horse that I raised, and given some rough circumstances, I have not ridden him in 9 months, and only once before that. I always work hard to prevent this from happening, but they do have their own mind, and once in a while, they surprise you. I got shoes on him that night, then he got to make a few trips up and down the mountains for the next month. Did good.