Planning a Backcountry Hunt – Part 2


Choosing a Destination

You have done your rough financial planning, and now you know what your budget will be for your big adventure. Where do you want to go? Choosing a destination for a back-country hunt is very exciting, but if you want the best bang for your buck (sorry, I couldn’t help it), you need to do some homework. This process will be much easier if you are going by yourself, but planning for a group trip can be fun too. Group planning will just require a bit more patience. The process of selecting a destination is quite different depending on the size of your group, so I will describe both processes separately.

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Yee-Haw! Adventure Cowboy goes for Bronc Ride


I have this young horse that I raised, and given some rough circumstances, I have not ridden him in 9 months, and only once before that. I always work hard to prevent this from happening, but they do have their own mind, and once in a while, they surprise you. I got shoes on him that night, then he got to make a few trips up and down the mountains for the next month. Did good.