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the Rich OutdoorsThe Adventure Cowboy is excited to share a new podcast from The Rich Outdoors “Old School Guns, Elk Hunting,  and Western Traditions with the Adventure Cowboy”.

“…Clayton has a fascinating story and  joins me on the show to talk western traditions, old guns, and of course elk hunting and my recent elk hunt…” Cody Rich

Click on the RICH OUTDOORS link above to view Cody’s blog, and check out the podcast below.

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Yee-Haw! Adventure Cowboy goes for Bronc Ride


I have this young horse that I raised, and given some rough circumstances, I have not ridden him in 9 months, and only once before that. I always work hard to prevent this from happening, but they do have their own mind, and once in a while, they surprise you. I got shoes on him that night, then he got to make a few trips up and down the mountains for the next month. Did good.