Planning A Backcountry Hunt – Part 1

Approximate Total

If you have been doing some math for your next hunt while reading this article, you know that this adventure could cost you over $6,500 if you kill a trophy animal. Now, my intention is not to discourage you from planning an amazing backcountry hunting trip, quite the opposite in fact. I just want to give you the bad news first so that you can absorb it, get over the “Sticker Shock”, and get to planning!

Of course there are countless ways to cut costs, but this article is meant for those people who have never experienced a backcountry hunt and who just want to know they can expect. If you are experienced in hunting the west, you might want to consider paying an outfitter for a drop camp, or just go DIY.

On virtually every backcountry hunt I have guided, something happened, or some words were spoken that changed either my life or the life of my client. There are moments steeped in deafening silence that make you realize what is really important in life, and there are those moments, when standing over a magnificent animal on top of a snow-covered mountain, that words just cannot describe. What would that be worth to you?

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I grew up in southwest Montana on a 325,000 acre cattle ranch, and am an authentic cowboy who can ride colts, rope cattle, pull a breeched calf, build fence, and shovel manure. My passion since I was a little boy has been the outdoors, especially guns and hunting. I have been guiding hunters for around 10 years now, and I love it. I am an ordinary guy who believes that every adventure is extraordinary. Come along and share the experience!

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