Planning a Backcountry Hunt – Part 2

Group Hunt 2:

Another type of group hunt is a family adventure. I have guided many family hunts, including father-in-law/son-in-law, father/sons, brothers, grandfather/grandson, father/daughter, and husband/wife. In every case, the hunt was very special and memorable. There is nothing like experiencing the high country with someone you love. A lot of bonding happens when you have to work together with your family and your guide to get an elk out of a nasty hole, or when you are huddled together in a winter storm at 9,000 feet just waiting for the storm to pass so that you can get back to camp safely.


I have guided many group hunts, and been guided on group hunts. In my experience, there is nothing that builds unity within a group or family like a back-country hunting adventure. You will recount your memories of hunting camp to each other for the rest of your lives, and like many groups, you may decide to make that adventure something you all get together and do again every couple years.

When it comes to choosing a destination for a back-country hunting adventure, I cannot emphasize enough the value of a quality Hunting Consultant. Whether you want to hunt elk in Montana, deer in Texas, moose in Alaska, or gemsbok in Africa, these businesses can provide you with many options and then advise you as to which of those options would be best for you. Like I mentioned earlier in this article, if you would like to contact a quality Hunting Consultant, I can connect you with the best. Just use the Contact button at the top right and send me a message.

Choosing the right destination for your adventure should be an exciting process. Just remember that the memories you will cherish from this adventure do not revolve around the killing of an animal. The moments that really matter are the ones where you are surrounded by friends, family, or even your outfitter/guide. The adventures in your life are always more special when you share them with good people.
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