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the Rich OutdoorsThe Adventure Cowboy is excited to share a new podcast from The Rich Outdoors “Old School Guns, Elk Hunting,  and Western Traditions with the Adventure Cowboy”.

“…Clayton has a fascinating story and  joins me on the show to talk western traditions, old guns, and of course elk hunting and my recent elk hunt…” Cody Rich

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Planning a Backcountry Hunt – Part 2


Choosing a Destination

You have done your rough financial planning, and now you know what your budget will be for your big adventure. Where do you want to go? Choosing a destination for a back-country hunt is very exciting, but if you want the best bang for your buck (sorry, I couldn’t help it), you need to do some homework. This process will be much easier if you are going by yourself, but planning for a group trip can be fun too. Group planning will just require a bit more patience. The process of selecting a destination is quite different depending on the size of your group, so I will describe both processes separately.

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Planning A Backcountry Hunt – Part 1


This is the first article in a 5-part series on 5 important things you need to consider when planning your backcountry hunting adventure…


Unfortunately, planning a backcountry hunt takes money, and in some cases a lot of it. Of course, it is worth every penny if you do it with the right attitude! The important thing is to do your homework and plan for it. Unless you have a high-salary job or are independently wealthy, you are probably going to have to save up the cash to finance this adventure. Continue Reading →